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Art created by Diffusion modeled AI

Create AI generated art using the power of newest diffusion AI models based on technologies similar to DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney

Simply describe your topic as a text prompt, such as "asian landscape with mountains and water when sun sets down" or "groot tree portrait in van gogh style" and let the AI generate matching images.

While we are working on a native iOS-based and GPU-powered app to generate art directly on your device, this app relies on a shared server to generate the art for you. This means that your requests are queued and processed together with others which means some waiting time.

Save your generated art to your photo app and share it.

The AI models are based and trained on unfiltered data from the Internet. As such, it may generate images that contain stereotypes against minority groups. While the ability of AI image generation is impressive, the underlying model may reinforce or exacerbate societal biases. Further improvements of the model will attempt to remove such bias.

The authors claim no rights on the outputs you generate. You are free to use them and are accountable for their use. Do not share any content that violates any laws, produce any harm to a person, disseminate any personal information that would be meant for harm, spread misinformation and target vulnerable groups.


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Usage Instructions

  • Type in a query into the prompt
  • Click the generate button and wait for the images to be generated by the AI
  • It might take a few minutes depending on the GPU utilization
  • Save and share any generated images


Screenshots (Tablet)

Download for iOS Download for Android